About us

The beginnings:

1995. A poor university student specialized in history who was spending the whole summer working as a bartender in a café in a little village when she gazed at a Kassai Magyar horse bow and could not resist to try it. Upon hearing how much it cost she was appalled and gave up on the idea of having one: She was sure she would never be able to afford such a luxury.

Summer 1999. Some freshly graduated men founded Flagella Dei Bt. in order to be able to export official Hungarian handmade products to Germany and sell them at the traditional festivals. This time the supply was quite diverse, but soon enough the bow turned out to be the stellar product. The business that had been created by Károly Kaffka, a master of arts in history, started with a rented car and a stock on consignment. For him, being a researcher and a teacher had never been an attractive perspective, and much to the consternation of many who thought he was going to waste his skills, he followed his heart and chose the hard life of a market vendor over the white-collar life of an academic. Fortunately, his wife blissfully accepted his career change and was completely on board after being captivated by the 30 bows he had taken home before one of his travels.

The continuation:

The coming seven years brought beauty and excitement but also difficulties, fatigue and uncertainty. We used to say we were able to do it just because nobody had told us it was impossible. It was quite a challenge to arrive on time to 5-6 markets every weekend from April to October, from England to Italy, with the adequate goods, installations and human resources who spoke the given language. And this our skills in logistics and stress tolerance developed tremendously during those years.

The imperfect supply of wares as well as the competitor who followed us with the same type of wares at the same markets compelled us to start to producing our own bows. It wasn’t a simple step to start producing bows in Hungary where there are so many excellent bow makers. But with the wide range of products, the perfect price-value rate and the short lead times between production and shipment we managed to successfully position ourselves and achieve better and better outcomes. The increasing sales of the webshop and the quick switchover have improved our performance not only financially but also from a human resources point management of view. We have arrived to a stage where we would like to increase our market share both internationally and in Hungary.

The future:

Our aim is to provide our clients with a wide range of best value and of high quality products, and short and highly reliable delivery times. Because our products are for the keeping of traditions, but our approach is modern and innovative.

Traditional goods from a modern webshop. This is our vision behind the newly launched website. Here you are welcome, and we are looking forward to hear about your experience and your thoughts that will continuously help us improve our service.

Kaffka Andrea & Kaffka Károly


The Kaffka's Flagella Dei    

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