1. 1. The online webshop is operated by Flagella Dei Kft.(hereinafter: "Service Provider").
  2. 2. Service Provider’s firm name: Flagella Dei Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
  3. Service Provider’s shortened firm name: Flagella Dei Kft. Service Provider’s registered office: 8992 Zalaboldogfa, Hunyadi utca 5.
  4. Service Provider’s postal address: 8992 Zalaboldogfa, Hunyadi utca 5.
  5. Service Provider’s electronic mailing address, phone number:, +36302028863
  6. Under resolution no.: Z-354-1/2015 adopted by Zalaszentgyörgyi Közös Önkormányzati Hivatal Körjegyzőségi Hivatal [The District Notary’s Office of the Joint Municipal Office of Zalaszentgyörgy], Service Provider trade register no.: 20-09-070897, registered on 27 August 2010 by the Zalaegerszeg District Court acting as Court of Registration, Tax registration no.: 22919456-2-20 is permitted to carry out mail order activities by law under registration no. 1/2015.
  7. Service Provider’s data protection registry number: NAIH-89737/2015
  8. Hosting provider: PWS Online Kft. 9011 Győr, Szikes út 25. Tax Nr: 27457993-2-08. E-mail address:
  9. Languages to use for communication and contracting with Service Provider: Hungarian, English.


1. In online webshop, orders can be placed electronically at No orders placed by phone or fax are accepted. Service Provider shall send Customers all order related information also electronically. After putting the product(s) in the basket and clicking on check-out, visitors can decide whether to get registered or carry out the transaction as guests. Already registered customers have the possibility to enter the webshop with their registered email and password. Then the shipping method and means of payment are to be selected. By clicking on the “order” button, Customers will automatically place a bid that we shall send an automatic confirmation to within 48 hours. The order is subject to payment. The confirmation will always specify the selected payment method, the order value, the terms of delivery, the item description and the item number as well as Customer’s data. Should this confirmation setting out the order terms fail to arrive, Customer will no longer by bound by Customer’s bid. Before placing the order, Customer can modify the data specified upon registration by overwriting the former data and saving the modified ones. Orders qualify as contracts concluded but unsigned via the Internet, the content of which shall be filed and archived to ensure subsequent access and retrieval. The file number shall also be the order number in every case. The prices stated on website are given in several currencies (In the right upper corner there is the currency button: Hungarian Forint, Euro) and include VAT. We shall send electronic invoice while the guarantee card and the instructions for use are in the box. Customers are requested to check these documents and retain them for at least a year. If we are not advised about missing documents within 72 hours of receipt, we shall consider them delivered. 

2. Service Provider shall make every effort to deliver the products ordered by Customer within the shortest period of time possible. We are striving to send our products of different types in one shipment at one shipping cost. Delivery may be delayed by the manufacturing time of made-to-order items. In the event Customer selects items that are ready for shipment as well as items that are made to order, should Customer require the products in stock to be shipped out as soon as possible, Customer is advised to put such items in separate baskets to ensure separate handling. Service Provider shall make every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information published on the website and to update the stock data, however, owing to Service Provider’s operations, performance could become impossible for reasons unforeseeable by Service Provider at the moment the contract is established. This shall not be interpreted, however, as if Service Provider’s offer had been meant to mislead Customer, since Service Provider acted to the best of his knowledge in terms of the availability data when making the offer.

3. Pursuant to Governmental Decree no. 45/2014. (II. 26.), Customer is entitled to withdraw from purchase without justifying the reasons within 14 days of receipt of the product. Customer may exercise his right to withdraw either by sending a specific notice to that effect or by making use of the sample statement set forth in Appendix 2 of Government Decree no. 45/2014. (II. 26.). Download statement form.

4. Customer is furthermore entitled to exercise his right of withdrawal during the period between the execution of the contract and the receipt of goods.

a. The date of receipt (receipt of goods) is the date on which the goods delivered to Customer’s address are received from the courier. This date can be confirmed by the courier’s receipt.

b. Upon withdrawal from the contract, Customer must send the product back to Service Provider’s warehouse (”Flagella Dei Kft. H-8992 Zalaboldogfa, Hunyadi utca 5.) at his own cost and without delay, but not later than within 14 days of advising us about the withdrawal, and the Service Provider shall repay the purchase price of the returned product(s) without delay, but not later than within 14 days of the product’s/products’ arrival.  Service Provider is entitled to retain the purchase price of the product(s) until the later of the two dates: when Customer sends the product(s)
back or when confirms beyond doubt that the product/products has/have been returned.

c. Payback shall be effected by the payment method used in the original transaction.

d. No goods shall be received by cash on delivery.

e. Customer may not exercise his right of withdrawal in cases set forth in Section 29 of Government Decree no. 45/2014, especially if the order involves

  • a product that is specifically manufactured according to Customer’s instructions or, upon Customer’s express request, with parameters diverting from our standard and specified parameters, or that has specifically been customised to Customer’s needs; 
  • products that have been used and therefore bear scratches or cosmetic damage resulting from such use (e.g. arrows); 
  • a two-component glue that has been mixed; 
  • a product that has been transformed, changed and customised by Customer.

f. Service Provider is entitled to demand compensation for damage resulting from the misuse of products.

5. According to t151/2003 (IX.22.) Korm. Rendelet (Government decree), annex #26 Service Provider grants a two-years guarantee for products sport equipments, exceeding HUF 10,000 in value – starting from the date of receipt of the product. Customer shall confirm that he has purchased the product from Flagella Dei Kft. by presenting the related invoice and guarantee card. Any defect shall be reported within the shortest time possible on this site: by filling up the form and uploading the files. Photos of the defective product shall also be attached to the completed form, the invoice and the guarantee card. If the respective product is a bow, please attach photos of the strung bow too, obviously if it is not broken to pieces. We shall investigate the complaint within 5 working days and inform Customer about the further steps in the procedure. No guarantee claims can be made by Customer if the product has been used in a way different from the one described in the instructions for use, especially if the bow has been strung improperly, was pressed to the ground or released without an arrow. If Customer continued to use the defective product without notifying us or neglecting the maintenance obligation, it shall also disqualify any guarantee claim. No complaints are accepted for used arrows. Guarantee shall not cover any damage or defect resulting from natural disasters, fire, war and other military actions, civil unrest or other violent interventions (force major).

6. Customer may request the repair or replacement of the product, a price reduction or may exercise his right of withdrawal in case of frustration. No withdrawal is possible for minor defects. The burden of proof rests on the Customer in case of frustration. In the event Customer has opted for one version, switching over to another one is possible by simultaneously paying an extra fee. This fee shall amount to 20% of the net product price. Guarantee claims shall be settled within maximum 30 days of filing the complaint.

7. For legal entity buyers the Service Provider provides one year warranty for sports equipment worth more HUF 10,000. 

8. Service Provider shall make every effort to make the data (product prices, availability, description etc.) published on the website the most accurate possible. Obviously incorrect prices such as HUF 0 or HUF 1 that result from system error shall not qualify as an offer for bidding. Exceptions shall include the gifts announced as part of special offers. The pictures presented next to the products are illustrations; the product description specifies the product’s exact features in every case. With regard to mistakes, Service Provider’s liability shall be governed by the provisions set forth in Governmental Decree no. 45/2014. (II. 26.) and the Hungarian Civil Code.

9. According to the effective legal rules, traditional bows do not qualify as weapon in Hungary or in the European Union.


1. Service Provider’s system may collect data about Customers’ activities that may not, however, be connected to the other data specified by Customers upon registration, nor to other data generated by Customers’ use of other websites or on-line services.

2. Service Provider is entitled to send Users newsletters and other direct mail provided Users voluntarily gave prior express and explicit consent to the same upon registration by specifying their respective data. Service Provider is not obliged to check whether the data specified by Users upon registration and giving their consent are valid or true and correct.

3. Users are entitled to withdraw their voluntary consent referenced under Point III.2 hereof at any time. In such a case, Service Provider will not send further newsletters or other promotional mail to Users following such a withdrawal, and shall delete Users’ data from the data base registering users subscribing to the newsletter.  

4. The criticism and other related opinions on the products reflect the Users’ point of view in each case; Service Provider shall not be held responsible for their content. Service Provider retains the right to delete opinions that violate the public taste, his business interests or the law. 

5. Should you have any questions or comments related to your order, contact Service Provider on Written consumer complaints shall be sent to Please, kindly specify your purchase ID, full name and date of purchase in every correspondence in order to accelerate the administrative process.

6. We follow the General Data Protection Rules by European Union. You can read the detailed GDPR information in Hungarian.

7. You may initiate a procedure before an arbitration body in order to settle any dispute (consumer dispute) expediently out of court that might arise in connection with Service Provider. The arbitration body having jurisdiction where Service Provider’s registered office is located is the Zala Megyei Békéltető Testület [Zala County Arbitration Body], address: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Petőfi utca 24. European Union Online Dispute Resolution site.

8. The local court having jurisdiction where Service Provider’s registered office is located shall have exclusive competence with regard to disputes arising in connection herewith. The proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the Hungarian rules of civil procedure, the language of the proceedings shall be Hungarian.

9. With regard to issues not regulated herein the Hungarian Civil Code and the related Hungarian legal rules shall apply.

10. Effective: as of 8 May 2024 until withdrawal and/or modification. The provisions hereof shall be applied only to contracts executed following its effective date, former contracts shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions in effect preceding the effective date hereof.

11. These General Terms and Conditions are made in Hungarian and English, in case of
conflict, the Hungarian text shall prevail over the English one.

Dated in Zalaboldogfa, 7th May, 2024. 

Last important update: II/5 the warranty rules were changed in Hungary on 8th May 2024.

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