I'd like to draw your attention to the following youtube channel. At Malta Archery Armin Hirmer is making bow reviews. He has got more than 23,000 subscribers, uploaded several hundreds of videos and he has gained by now almost 5 million watches. Here is his channel: Armin Hirmer bow tests.

It's worth browsing, he has a lot of topics, fortunately not a chatterbox.

For some months he has started to test the Flagella Dei bows. My old desire was fulfilled by making these tests in style as an outsider and professional. I guess a serious workshop does have to go under such tests today. I like his works, he's so impassioned, respectful and sincere. Questions, advices are disputed.

Some of his Flagella Dei reviews:

Scythian and Scythian update

Deflex-Reflex Youth bow and its Twin bow

Mongol horsebow

Krim-tartar horsebow

Osage Orange Viking bow

Osage Orange Sioux Selfbow

71" DR Storm Hunting bow

60" DR Storm Youth Bow

71" Flatbow longbow

Black Mamba Recurve bow - scythian form

Osage Orange Primitive Bow

Osage Orange Pyramid Wooden Bow

Trilaminated longbow 

Have fun!

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