Trilaminated wooden English longbow

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The trilaminate wooden longbow comes from the Victorian Era. With this technique they made the bow heavier, more durable, on the other hand they could surmount the lack of materials. Yew -as the main and authentic material of the English longbows- of the first quality from the high mountains is difficult to obtain. In our workshop we build these bows with osage orange belly, actionboo core and hickory back. 

Custom made


Osage Orange: Maclura Pomifera

it is native in North America and in the Carpathian Basin since the rule of Queen Mary Therese (18th century). In Europe this is the sole place to find this wood. Latin name: Maclura pomifera It is a middle high, deciduous, thorny tree. Its crop is similar to the orange, a wrinkled, yellowish green, hard, inedible ball. Osage orange is originated from North America.

Yew: Taxus baccata L.

It is evergreen, dioecious tree or branchy shrub. Protected. It grows very slowly, the radius of its trunk grows 1 inch every 65 years that is why the annual rings are so dense. (about 0,5 mm) All the parts of this tree are toxic, except the core coat. Its crop is a red berry.

The added Dacron string is a flemish string: the archer will make the bowyers knot by setting the brace height. For your request we'll make it for you and help you to learn the method by a short video. Fastflight fix string that doesn't stretch is also suitable for the bow.

We agree on the length according to the required draw weight and draw length. Should it differ from the standard 74” length there can be an extra fee in shipping cost.

Product Details

Flagella Dei

Data sheet

Draw weight (lbs)
up to 80 lbs
Draw length
up to 32"
Bracing height
Total length
Average weight
600 g
Product status
Used materials
osage orange, actionboo, hickory, horn nock, leather.
Production time
10-15 working days

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