Scythian horsebow 40 lbs ash

Scythian horsebow 45 lbs mahogany

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A very nice, charming bow that has been produced in the workshop for many years. This bow is an ideal choice for beginners and advanced archers as well. The most popular bow in our workshop.

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Upper lamination is mahogany.

Mahogany: It is native in Middle and South America. The most important specy in its family is the Switenia macrophylla, that is evergreen. It is higher than 40 m and thicker than 3 m. It is easy to dry and work with. The sapwood is yellowish-whitish, the core shows the typical deep brown-reddish color. The structure of the wood is scattered full of holes .

Product Details

Flagella Dei

Data sheet

String length
52 (1 ⅓)“
Draw weight (lbs)
45 lbs
Draw length
up to 30"
Bracing height
Total length
Average weight
500 g
Good to know
The most important description about the Scythians - who created an animal style art – is from Herodotus (BC.484-425), the Greek historian. According to Herodotus, Scythia was situated between the Danube delta and River Don, on a steppe land, but the relics of the typical art blossoming out around 750 BC were found both in the Hungarian Great Plain and in Inner Asia too. The relations between the Scythians and Magyars have been extensively researched by historians and art historians, and although there is much debate, the relationship is recognised by many people. The Scythians might have belonged to the Iranian family of languages.Their flourishing empire to the North from the Black Sea was destroyed by the attack of the Sarmathians; they reached The Hungarian Great Plain in the 1st century AD.
Length strung
53 ½ “
Product status
In stock
Used materials
wood, fibre glass, bandage thread, epoxy, genuine leather

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