Instruction of Use:

The warranty card and the instruction of Use is a A4 sized paper that is dated, signed, stamped and sent to you with the bow in the parcel. It sometimes is printed on the back side of the invoice. In case of not receiving it, report it to us immediately per e-mail.

Download the Instruction of Use:

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Our Warranty policy from the Terms & Conditions II/5.:

"5. Service Provider grants a one-year guarantee for products exceeding HUF 10,000 in value – starting from the date of receipt of the product. Customer shall confirm that he has purchased the product from Flagella Dei Kft. by presenting the related invoice and guarantee card. Any defect shall be reported within the shortest time possible on this site: by filling up the form and uploading the files. Photos of the defective product shall also be attached to the completed form, the invoice and the guarantee card. If the respective product is a bow, please attach photos of the strung bow too, obviously if it is not broken to pieces. We shall investigate the complaint within 5 working days and inform Customer about the further steps in the procedure. No guarantee claims can be made by Customer if the product has been used in a way different from the one described in the instructions for use, especially if the bow has been strung improperly, was pressed to the ground or released without an arrow. If Customer continued to use the defective product without notifying us, it shall also disqualify any guarantee claim. No complaints are accepted for used arrows. Guarantee shall not cover any damage or defect resulting from natural disasters, fire, war and other military actions, civil unrest or other violent interventions (vis maior).

6. Customer may request the repair or replacement of the product, a price reduction or may exercise his right of withdrawal in case of frustration. No withdrawal is possible for minor defects. The burden of proof rests on the Customer in case of frustration. In the event Customer has opted for one version, switching over to another one is possible by simultaneously paying an extra fee. This fee shall amount to 20% of the net product price. Guarantee claims shall be settled within maximum 30 days of filing the complaint."

Warranty Case Report: 

Find it on the warranty card / invoice, format: YYYY / MM-xxx

Please press CTRL while browsing to select multiple files to upload: 5 different photos, no more, please.

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