Frequently Asked Questions


  • For how long does it take till I get my bow?

It depends on several things. First of all on your bow type. Approx. you can count on the dispatch within weeks.


Flagella Laminated Recurves 5-15 working days / Selfbows 5-15 working days / TAS Bows 10-15 working days / Laminated longbows 5-10 working days the most.


Of course, we have to reserve the chance to differ from this.  Sometimes we can work from a half ready made bow material and we can ship it very quickly, sometimes there are a lot of orders, even from dealers, so the production will be delayed.

If you need a bow very quickly please browse our stock items first: Let's see what they have ready to ship.


Arrow sets can be shipped within 5 days.


If you need anything by a special date (eg. birthday present) please don’t rely only on this rough estimation but contact us and we’ll do our best to draw attention to your request.

Christmas Season means a special period of year, please order as soon as possible, rather in November than December.


  • How to string up a bow properly?

How to string it up properly?  - Flagella Dei youtube channel


  • How to use the stringer with longbows?

How to use the stringer?  - Flagella Dei youtube channel


  • How to tie the bowyers’ knot? – you have got a string with one loop.

What to do with a one loop string?  - Flagella Dei youtube channel


  • Why are the bows covered with leather?

Leather covering partly protects the body of bows partly makes them more attractive. Our ancestors also covered their bows with leather or bark of birch-trees. Most of the bows without leather covering are also available.


  • What sort of leather covering can you order?

We prefer the so-called ground-colours: brown, grey, black –always available colors.  Of course we will carry out your special order in vivid colors depending on the availability. If you refuse pig leather, choose vivid colors and alert us in a message then we'll use the agreed color in cow.


  • Could you damage your bow when you draw it?

No, you could not if you follow the instructions. You have to be careful because laminated bows can turn aside easily and fibre glass could crack lengthwise.


  • Are rain, freeze and sunshine harmful to bows?

No, they are not. We tested laminated bows in the following way: we froze them at -18Celsius for a week then we tried to shoot them and they worked as well as they had done before the test. Although you have to be careful with extreme heat: do not expose your drawn bow to the blazing sun for a long time.

In case of purchasing a much more sensitive selfbow, you must be very careful as they are very sensible against the sudden temperature change.


  • Can you leave your bow drawn?

After use, it is forbidden to leave it drawn.


  • Why is it harmful to your bow to shoot with it without an arrow?

When you draw your bow it builds up lots of energy which is transmitted to the arrow when you shoot with it; but without an arrow this energy damages the body of your bow and in worse cases your bow could break.


  • What is your bowstring made from?

It is made from a substance called Dacron B-50 or Fastflight. We add string to every bow.


  • Does your bowstring need any special treatment?

Sometimes it is useful to lubricate it with beeswax in order to preserve its quality. Don't folder it at the servings to avoid its brake.


  • Do you have to maintain the bow?

Wooden bows require sometimes oil to avoid the drying of wood.


  • How to store a bow?

It is essential to keep your bow undrawn away from heat. Lay it on a surface, it is the best.


  • Is there a guarantee for bows?

Yes one year. Material problems if any come out very soon, later damage is often caused by wrong handling and you should keep in mind that organ materials can change always, it is out of control.


  • How can you calculate the range of a bow?




    * Smax - maximum range (in metres)

    * Vo - initial velocity (metre/sec)

    * α - an angle of shooting

    * G - acceleration of gravity (9,81 m/s2, but 10 can be used)


It is a very controversial issue. It depends on a lot of things: how powerful the bow is; how professional the archer is; the headwind; the feather quality and type of the arrow; etc. One is sure at the contests our products show good performance and we have got lot of customers who buy again.


  • Do bows rate among weapons?

No, they don't. We sell only sports goods but they are brought under strict regulation. You must not store your bow drawn with an arrow in a public place, you can only carry it in its bag.


  • How to protect horn?

Horn is a natural material. Heat, humidity and wet action with horn. If raindrops fall onto horn, please immediately wipe it, do not let it be absorbed or dry it in the sun.

If you make your bow much more use of, you can lacquer it to prevent any damage.


  • How to calculate the ideal length of a longbow?

Yew: 2,6 x draw length (cm)

Osage: 2,4 x draw length (cm)


  • What is the correct brace height?

It is equal to the length of your fist and stretched thumb.


  • Which lamination to choose? Do the different laminations affect the bow performance?

Choose whichever you like. These upper laminations are for the looking, don’t influence the bow performance.


  • How can I determine the best arrow length?

The arrow is generally 1” longer that your draw length.


  • How long is my draw length?

The simpliest way to find it is to measure the distance between your chest and the finger tips when you keep your arm in the right angle in front of you.


  • Do these bows meet the requirements of the IFAA and FITA rules?

Yes, they are.


  • Can I have arrow rest window on horsebows?

No, arrow rest window is available on those bows only where we advertised this option.


  • Can I get a twin bow from you?

Yes, deflex-reflex bows can be made to be twin bows for your request and for a fee.


  • Do you sell take down bows?

No, we are specialized in traditional archery.

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