Yew English longbow 56 lbs 74"

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D shape traditional English longbow, so called ELB. Made of alpine yew.

This is the work of our highly skilled bowyer. Its form follows the expected full circle.

Materials: yew, horn nock, leather

The added Dacron string is a flemish string: the archer will make the bowyers knot by setting the brace height. For your request we'll make it for you and help you to learn the method by a short video

As a replacement string we add a Fastflight string too.

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  • Draw weight (lbs) 56 lbs
  • Draw length up to 32"
  • Bracing height ~7"
  • Bow length 74"


Yew: Taxus baccata L.

It is evergreen, dioecious tree or branchy shrub. Protected. It grows very slowly, the radius of its trunk grows 1 inch every 65 years that is why the annual rings are so dense. (about 0,5 mm) All the parts of this tree are toxic, except the core coat. Its crop is a red berry.

Since yew is protected and there is few, it is difficult to purchase and expensive. We make our bows from the mountains originated yew. (Saxton Pope says that good yew for bowyers comes from the mountains, above 900 m) Information about the traditional English longbows is mainly from the Mary Rose found. 

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