Scythian horsebow 21 lbs mahagony

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A very nice, charming bow that has been produced in the workshop for many years. Especially popular among the ladies and young people. It is sold usually as a gift. Materials: wood, fibre glass, bandage thread, epoxy, genuine leather.

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  • Length strung 53 ½ “
  • String length 52 (1 ⅓)“
  • Draw weight (lbs) 21lbs
  • Draw length up to 30"
  • Bracing height 7"
  • Bow length 59"


Mahagony: It is native in Middle and South America. The most important specy in its family is the Switenia macrophylla, that is evergreen. It is higher than 40 m and thicker than 3 m. It is easy to dry and work with. The sapwood is yellowish-whitish, the core shows the typical deep brown-reddish color. The structure of the wood is scattered full of holes .

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