Am I right or left handed archer? - Traditional Bows

What is more important? With wich hand do you hold the bow or with which eye do you aim? What is cross dominance?

Am I right or left handed archer?

           -quandary before choosing a bow with arrowrest

The horsebows and the traditional longbows haven’t got arrowrest. The modern bow have got arrowrest. Between them there are the traditional but quite modernish recurves, like our deflex-reflex bows that they do have arrow rest and before the purchase you must choose orientation.

The right handed archer hold the bow in his left hand and draws the string with his right. That is simple. Actually not the dominant hand is the question but the dominant eye since by aiming it is more important. While you can train your hands, you can’t change your dominant eye.

The cross dominance is one of the first test of the developer teachers since this difficulty can cause learning issues for the kids. Tricks are needed to fight with the drawback coming from cross dominance. The archers neither will get away with it.

Let’s say it is out of question being a right hand dominant person. How can I determine my dominant eye?

Test it! Which eye you look through the camera with when taking a photo? Which eye you look through a telescope with?

Is it still doubtful? Then follow this simple test:

-        stretch your arms in front of you holding your fingers and thumbs closed touching each other

-        focus at a small object with your thumbs at eye level

-        slowly approach your still aiming hands to your face

-        you’ll approach your hands to the face side of the dominant eye.

If the dominant hand and eye aren’t on the same side, choose a bow according to your dominant eye.