Hun bow

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This bow is symmetric although the Hun’s bowswere known to be asymmetric. This is a Popular model as the history of Attila and the war tactics of the Huns still touch people. Materials:   wood, fibre glass, horn, epoxy, genuine leather, bandage thread.

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  • Length strung 57 ⅓ ”
  • String length 55 ½ (4 ¾ )”
  • Draw weight (lbs) up to 60 lbs
  • Draw length up to 32"
  • Bracing height ~7"
  • Bow length 52 1/3"


Composite bows are different from the Western European simple bows (so called longbows) in a way that in all cases several pieces of horn and wood were stuck together in layers, with bone stiffening. The form and structure of these were extremely diverse, but it is typical of all of them that in un-drawn condition they become bent strongly backwards, and this negative bending also remains in drawn condition in a length of 1-2 hand span at both ends of the bow. Turkish-Tartar composite bows, which represent the best of reflex bows, ensured a relatively high initial speed.

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