String to Flagella Dei bows

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Its material is dacron B50 or fastflight. The dacron is more flexible, better cares for the bow. The fastflight string is recommended to use with heavier bows, over 50 lbs if you want to avoid the string stretching. Its manufacturer is Brownell Archery Co. You can find the string sizes of our bows on the product info pages.

If you order a replacement string you can quickly choose the bow type and we’ll ship the suitable string.

For the English longbows you can order either Flemish string or fix two looped Dacron or Fastflight string. In this second case the length refers to the Flagella Dei longbow standard length of 74". The string itself is shorter, 72" long.

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Hint: If you use a two looped string you can make it a little bit shorter by twisting it if you find the brace height too short. (average is 7 – 7 1/2”) If you find it too high you might have to stretch the string. Take the strung up bow, put its grip back on your knee and carefully push the bowends down. You can modify a little on string length this way. With flemish strings it is easy to change its length by making a new bowyers knot.  

Correct stringing up method with stringer.

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