Scythian bow set

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Flagella Dei Scythian  bow set is an offer for a very reasonable price, including arrows, armguard and replacement string.

The 12 arrows in this set are budget arrows made from natural materials. Below 40 lbs bows we pack 28” long arrows. In case you need longer arrows please message us immediately after the purchase.

If you choose the spined arrows option we'll add a medieval arrow set that includes 32" long, white fletching, field point, 12 pieces arrows matching the draw weight of your chosen bow.

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  • Length strung 54"
  • String length 53 / 1,5"
  • Draw weight (lbs) up to 60 lbs
  • Draw length up to 30"
  • Bracing height 7"
  • Bow length 59"


Black poplar: It is also called black poplar with warts. When it is quite rainy or the area is wet it grows a lot of branches that will be grown around by the tree. The warts are branches in the tree tribe. When they slice the wood it shows a nice pattern. Black poplar doesn’t crack easily, it is a half-hard wood. Popular material in furniture building.

Mahagony: It is native in Middle and South America. The most important specy in its family is the Switenia macrophylla, that is evergreen. It is higher than 40 m and thicker than 3 m. It is easy to dry and work with. The sapwood is yellowish-whitish, the core shows the typical deep brown-reddish color. The structure of the wood is scattered full of holes .

Yew: Taxus baccata L. It is evergreen, dioecious tree or branchy shrub. Protected. It grows very slowly, the radius of its trunk grows 1 inch every 65 years that is why the annual rings are so dense. (about 0,5 mm) All the parts of this tree are toxic, except the core coat. Its crop is a red berry.

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