12x Medieval arrow set

Product code: MA NYV

12 pieces of wooden arrows with metal sportspoint, selfnocks. Fletching is white 4” turkey feather, whipped up. Cock feather upon request – black. 11/32 diameter, selected northern pine shafts. Shaft length is up to 32” (81 cm) with field points glued on. It is suitable to 30-70 lbs bows. 

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  • Draw weight (lbs) 30-70 #
  • Bow length 26"-32"
  • Diameter 11/32
  • Feather 4" turkey feather
  • Color white
  • Point field


 If you are uncertain which spine to choose to your bow, buy a set little above as your bow draw weight. Ideal length is equal to your draw length  + 1” (2,5 cm). 

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