67" Langbogen

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Laminated, auch Longbow genannt, mit oder auch ohne Schussfenster erhältlich/ bestellbar. Material:     Holz, Fiberglass, Kunstharz, Leder

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  • Länge aufgespannt 160 cm
  • Sehnenlänge 156 (4,5) cm
  • Zuggewicht (Pfund) bis 60#
  • Auszugslänge bis 32"
  • Standhöhe 18 cm
  • Bogenlänge 170 cm


Eibe: Taxus baccata L. Immergrüner diözischer Baum, bzw. ausgebreiteter Strauch. Sie ist geschützt, langsam wachsend. Der Radius des Stammes wächst in 40-60 Jahre 1 Zoll (2, 54 cm), deshalb sind die Holzringe dicht (0, 5 mm). Bis auf den Samenmantel sind alle Pflanzenteile giftig. Die Frucht ist eine rote Beere.

Zebrano: exotic wood, main habitat is West Africa. It grows up to 30-40 m, but the diameter neverr exceeds 1 m. The sapwood is light and can be even 10 cm wide. The newly cut tree smells unpleasant. It is difficult to dry, it is prone to rupture. Its characteristics are the regular stripes in texture.

Ash: There are more than 30 species, in Hungary we can find 3. Its leaf is forked. It bursts into bloom in early spring, dark purple it is. 20-40 m high tree, its bark is light. Due to the legend of the Northen peoples the man became from the ash while the woman from the alder.

Mahagony: It is native in Middle and South America. The most important specy in its family is the Switenia macrophylla, that is evergreen. It is higher than 40 m and thicker than 3 m. It is easy to dry and work with. The sapwood is yellowish-whitish, the core shows the typical deep brown-reddish color. The structure of the wood is scattered full of holes.

Black poplar: It is also called black poplar with warts. When it is quite rainy or the area is wet it grows a lot of branches that will be grown around by the tree. The warts are branches in the tree tribe. When they slice the wood it shows a nice pattern. Black poplar doesn’t crack easily, it is a half-hard wood. Popular material in furniture building. 

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